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Western Red Cedar

Came across this Western Red Cedar while in the Olympic National Park just a few days ago. It had fallen of natural cause across the Hoh River Trail ( about 4 miles from trailhead ) in the Hoh Rainforest and park rangers had cut out the section that had blocked the trail. By the red color of the cross section, fresh cedar smell, and sawdust that had not begun to decompose in the annual average rainfall of 160 inches, my guess is this tree had come down in past week or so. It appeared  someone had took on task of counting rings and had scrawled 1776 in pencil about 3 feet from center… hard to say, but tree was easily 7 and a half feet in diameter.

“Pets” at The Pulliam Gallery

Pulliam Gallery presents “Pets” June 5–30, 2012

Group show with work by:
Ross Palmer Beecher, Mark Bulwinkle, Thomas Conway, Jeremy Dubow, Claudia Fitch, Joseph Goldberg, Max Grover, Elizabeth Knight, Jeff Koons, Corey Lunn, Sherry Markovitch, Hickory Mertsching, Peter Millett, Jeffry Mitchell, Ben Rosenberg, Jay Steensma, Whiting Tennis, William Wegman, and Ed Wicklander

You are invited to a reception for the artists
on June 6, 5:30–7:30 p.m.